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Do you want to import from USA with us?

Import from USA

Let us guide you throughout the steps necessary to import from USA to anywhere in the world.  For details please contact us at 919-321-8985 (English only) / +1 (919) 924-6139 (Spanish/English) or write to us online, click here.

Export services

Triangle Auto Recyclers is the leading Exporter of salvaged auto parts in North Carolina. With more than 26 years of experience in this field we know and understand the difficulties and challenges that sometimes importers encounter when trying to import products into their countries. During the years we have exported hundreds of large containers to Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, and Dominican Republic as well as exported individual auto and truck parts to multiple countries in the world.

We work with export brokers in Miami, New York and Norfolk who collaborate with us in finding the best routes, ocean freight companies and cost effective options for our customers. All the paperwork is handled by us and the broker and we will FOB your merchandize at any port of your choice.

Our workers have the knowledge and experience to load a container taking into careful consideration the layout of the parts, weight and space while at the same time make sure that the parts do not suffer any damage during transportation.

Another unique feature in our service is that each part is tagged with a stock number that contains the history of the vehicle it came from. With this stock number you can search our website and it will tell the year, make and model of the vehicle as well as the compatibility with other makes and models.

In addition to shipping full 20 foot and 40 foot containers we provide the option of shipping consolidated cargo in pallets. We can customize plywood boxes built on standard shipping pallets where we can ship individual engines, transmissions or any other auto parts requested. This helps business that do not have the ability to buy a full container or just need very specific parts.

In summary whether you need a single auto or tuck part or are interested in a HQ 40 foot container please contact us so we can discuss your needs and let us provide you with the best option so your merchandize can arrive at your destination on time, safely and economically.

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